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The Miracle Heat Pack by JB is an all-natural, innovative wellness product which promotes healing and wellness through thermo-therapy. These unique packs can be applied easily and comfortably anywhere on the body and left there over an hour, providing soothing, relaxing warmth which penetrates deep into the tissues.

Miracle Heat Packs by JB offers 5 different varieties and shapes to fit comfortably over your individual areas of pain and discomfort. We have one for the lumbar spine area, which comes with a velcro pouch to strap it around your waist area; the shoulder and neck area; the abdomen or other large muscle group area; a heat pack for massage; and hand warmers!


“After being injured, and healing, I used the soothing warmth of my Miracle Heat Packs by JB every night on my injured muscle groups as I was falling asleep. This way, I could relax and simply fall asleep naturally, without worrying that I had to shut off the electric heating pad before I fell asleep for the night. I woke rested and more supple after using the Packs.
I believe in them and have named my products, Miracle Heat Packs by JB, because I am completely healed, and the heat packs, I know for sure, helped me tremendously along the way! They can help you, too. I know it!”     ~Janice L. Blake*

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Description and Uses

When activated, the packs zoom up to an ultimate temperature of 130 degrees, never burning or blistering the skin. They stay hot for over an hour and are an effective, alternative therapy to traditional painelief modalities.

The packs are filled with an environmentally-friendly solution of sodium acetate. When activated by flexing the disc, an exothermic reaction occurs, releasing heat. The outer covering is comprised of medical grade plastic which is tear and puncture resistant. If a puncture or tear occurs, the solution will not harm you, but seek medical advice just in case.

The heat packs are also portable and reusable which makes them easy and ideal for everyday use. They can be chilled and used as a cold pack as well.

Sample uses as a hot pack are for muscle therapy, pain management, sore muscles, to relieve built-up tension, to warm cold extremities and soothe menstrual cramps. Sample uses as a cold pack are for sportselated sprains and injuries, inflammation, arthritis pain relief, migraine headache tension and sunburn relief. Our packs are used for spa treatments in place of hot stones, to heat objects such as a baby bottle and especially when camping or hunting.

Miracle Heat Packs are fun to use and are a wonderful gift for both adults and children. Most importantly, the packs are reusable hundreds of times, ensuring your enjoyment without having to throw them away after each use. This simple feature helps to protect our environment.

*To reset the pack after use, simply boil it in a non-stick pot on the stove for 10 minutes, or until all the crystals dissolve. If a few crystals remain, the pack will not operate effectively next time. Be sure to boil the pack long enough for all the crystals to dissolve.